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Mother - A Wonderful Creation - English Poem

June 9, 2017

I wonder how she can shower infinite love and affection on her family members

I wonder how she manages to take multiple roles as needed by her loved ones

I wonder how she ignores her needs; but cares for even the untold needs of her relations

I wonder why her quest for doing more and more for her family never ends

I wonder how she can be so selfless among the people that never care for others

I wonder how her love & affection is never lost from her memory and her ageing never fact…

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The Teacher - English Poem

September 11, 2016

Madineni Anil KumarEvergreen respectable star on the earth

You are the meaning of lighting given by the lamp

You are the sun rise for the blindness world

You are the emperor to rule the entire innocent kingdom

You have the most worship person after the parents

Your are only the ray to change our life into lightening

So please taste, these sweet words of sentences

We will follow your order as Ekalavya in Mahabharath

We will sacrifice our life to your foot darshan

Written by Madineni Anil …

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Friendship - English Poem

September 11, 2016

Madineni Anil KumarOh my dear friend

You will be the sound of heart

You are with me as inspiration of living

Your love is brightness of sun

Your memories are as stars in the sky

I am running for you as earth around the sun

Please wait a single moment for me

See once a time

I will leave this life

Written by Madineni Anil Kumar

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No Love..... - English Poetry

April 6, 2015

U haven't loved me

In the hottest summer in May,

In the wettest rains in August,

In the chillest in December.

Rather than you left me

In land where

There is no shade of your love from the hottest summer,

There is no hide from heaviest rains

There is no warm cover from coldest chills,

Whatever happened to that moment

I lived with a hope of finding your love

In your darkest concerns of your heart

Written by Venkatesh Valusa

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I am Empty - English Poetry

March 30, 2015

In the process of being you, I lost myself..

But by the time I realized


newton's 3rd law won't work with all relationships...

in me is neither you nor me...

I am empty...

I am empty...

as empty as a broken pot..

but dear its heart here..

Written by Pradeep Kumar Yedla

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My Lovable - English Poetry

March 31, 2014

I saw my face in mirror, its says it’s not you?????

I said something, they told its not your words????

My dreams told me, we are not your dreams??????

When I am walking, my shadow is not with me??

I didn’t understood anything, then my heart says

On mirror your body is only half, your dreams missed you,

your words uncompleted.

Then I understood My body, soul and heart is with my lovable husband anil…

And i am in love……………….

My name now feels complete

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Little Girl - English Poetry

February 10, 2014

*Oho a sweet little girl..*

*Came to me like a doll..*

*With a magic in her smiles *

*And with a music in her words*


*When her little arms surrounded my neck*

*And her little fingers touched my cheeks*

*And her little thoughts gave me an exam*

*asking me what is this and what is that *

*ohh my heart become light*

*is this the reason to call kids as God*

*and my smile become so innocent*

*Yes, with her, I become like another Kid.. **J *

Written by : K…

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I Miss You - English Poetry

December 18, 2013

I Love You

Don't need to leave it Coz iam

Deep in your Love or our Love

Don't need to leave it Coz your

magical eyes trap me in your love

Don't need to leave it Coz up and

down Lock me about our dreams

Don't need to leave it Coz I..

love you Forever

Baby.. I miss you
Written by : Srikanth

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Hope - English Poetry

December 2, 2013

There is no rose without thorn

There is no gain without pain

There is no life  without   hope

There is no day without night.....

Written by : Savitha

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Forest - English Poetry

November 3, 2013

Forest keeps animals the safest

It gives us firewood, makes our food tastiest

Gives medicinal plants, makes us healthiest

With forest produces we turn as richest

To preserve these we have to develop the forest

For that we have to put our mind as invest

It only comes from interest

The thinking should be honest

Don’t be greediest

You all can suggest

It should be in everybody's daily manifest

Without forest we hit unrest

So many things will be lost

It …

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My Dear - English Poetry

November 3, 2013

Oho my dear

Don't forget me ever

Understand me better

Please come to me near

And take my rose flower

If you don't take my flower

My eyes will get tear

I am waiting for you since a year

If you accept me as your lover

Then every year becomes new year

And i am the lucky person in the universe

You are a my favourate lover for ever and ever.....

Written by : Savitha

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Our Friendship - English Poetry

October 6, 2013

Rose is a flower

Its stands an hour

But our friendship is a rare flower

Its stands for ever..........

Written by Savitha

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Forever - English Poetry

September 30, 2013

You are my lover

Because you are my figure


I love your hair

Because its your hair


I love your smily

Because you are looking lovly


I can't stay without you dear

Will you stay with me forever !

Written by B.Akhil Kumar

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