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Life in a Well - Poetry

December 9, 2017

-  Sesi  Saradi

I was thrown into a Well In

My prime.

It is like a underground forest,

With dense vegetation and as it is

A Well, water. Lots of it.

I don’t know what crime, I


To be thus punished!

I have food to eat

and water to drink.

And a whole life ahead to lament.

I live with beasts, like a slave.

This maybe the hell we read about.

Every day I plan to get away.

But I could not climb the steep

Wall of the Well with out help. I

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Prayer to the Divine - Poetry

December 9, 2017

- K. ChandramouliK. Chandramouli

Oh God ! Wake my soul into the world of divinity

To carve up the moments of your eternal love

Make my heart the abode of sanctity

To conjure up your thoughts forever


Take me to the pinnacle of serenity

To experience the heavenly bliss of life

Held in the arms of your amorous embrace

Shall I reach the glory of true humanity

Unmasking the camouflage of the imp

Redefining my thoughts into the incandescent

Refraining from the aberrance of the …

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Solitude - Poetry

November 25, 2017

- Kamisetti ChandramouliK. Chandramouli

Between the crossed brows

Lies the feeling that no one knows

Malice with a devilish smile

Breaks the relations so fragile

Robbed out of the humane kindness

Element of the divine bliss

Finds its abode in the dark solace

The Spirit of mine lingers in utter peace

All alone lost in the eternal heaven

My core endure the great pain

Grilled with the lamented heart

My soul spills out the tranquil thoughts

Bruises on my heart still bleed

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The Wait - Poetry

November 25, 2017

- Sesi Saradi

When days turned into weeks,

And weeks into months,

I reconciled myself

To the fact that,

Now I became only a bleak

Unwanted memory for you.

Whom you do not want

Either in your present or

In your future.

Why? Is a question for which

I could find no answer and

You are out of my reach

To confront.


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"Poetry Soup" Winning me - Poetry

November 25, 2017

- Kamisetti ChandramouliK. Chandramouli

Into the unfathomed abyss dives my heart

Reminiscing the tormented moment

With all the tear filled spectacle

Sensing a gorgeous miracle

The cuckoo’s song is heard in a tragic tone

As my deepest heart begins to moan

In the chill morning day light

As I lay in the bed out of sight

How sweet is the bitterest insult

Relishes my bruised heart


Obsessed by the callous fate

Ruthlessly engrossed in hate

Into the mysterious chasm


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Gable - Poetry

November 3, 2017

- Sesi Saradi

In your death, you are


For generations to come,Clark Gable

You will always be remembered

As the KING


Even now, fifty - seven years after

You left this world,

Men still want to emulate your

Macho image and

Women still drool over you.

Your films are still as fresh

As when they were first made.

Somewhere in some corner of

This earth, you are entertaining

The audience.

Be it on the silver screen or

On the smal…

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Welcome Me Back - Poetry

October 13, 2017

- Sesi Saradi

When I am blocked on your


I felt humiliated, helpless.

But obliged, as I have

No other option.

I returned with dry eyes and

Empty heart, which is numb.

The tears came later,

Much later.

They flowed endlessly.


To cleanse the debris

That accumulated on my heart

For years.

The debris of ego,

The debris of pride,

The debris of vanity, and

The debris of selfishness that

Did not let me think about

Others opinion a…

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Farewell - Poetry

October 11, 2017

- Sesi Saradi

Someday, very soon

               I had to bid

Farewell to this place.

Time will place,

               heavy curtains

On my mind -

I will be busy

               with other matters.


When ever I am alone

I will draw

               the curtains slowly

And peep to these days.

I will remember them

               with pain, when

All my thoughts

               surrounded you

Who is a…

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Mother's Day - Poetry

October 10, 2017

- Sesi Saradi

Happy Mother's Day, Mom, Neeha burst into the room,

With a bunch of roses.

I hugged her, taking them.

'Thank you, dear, you made my

Day'. I said the routine words

Required for the occasion. After

She left, a thought recurred again

And again.

Why should we celebrate motherhood,

On a day that has nothing to do with us


Why should we celebrate one daughter's

Tribute to her mother as our own individual


Don't each mother have …

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Dream - Poetry

October 6, 2017

- Sesi Saradi


               when I am lucky

You will come

               into my dreams.

I will have such an

               exhilarating feeling

When I wake up.


I am dejected again,

As reality that,

You are so far away

Strikes me like a blow.


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Hope - Poetry

October 6, 2017

- Sesi Saradi

When I am desperately


When I am devoid of

               any energy

To prolong this life,

When I could not stop

               the ache in my heart,

I think about you.

The thought that

You are living in this world

Where I also live,

Makes me content.

The hope that someday

You may come for me,

               makes me

Endure this life.


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Before I met you - Poetry

September 30, 2017

- Sesi Saradi

Before I met you,

There is no life

In me.

I started breathing

The moment I saw you.

Your presence made

My heart to bloom.

It has fragrance new.


When I was expelling

From the sunshine

Of your company

It withered and died

And with it

I died too!


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My Friend - Poetry

September 28, 2017

- Sesi Saradi

My friend!

Why have we drifted apart?

Sometime back, you meant a lot to me,


I too meant something

To you.

But now, strangely

We rarely meet,

We hardly communicate.

My friend,

Why have we drifted apart?

When ever I look

At a closed door,

I remember you.

That's what you became

To me, my friend,

A closed door

That doesn't open

However hard I knock.

My friend!

Why have we drifted apart!

Sometimes do read my


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I Love to ...! - Poetry

September 26, 2017

- Sesi Saradi

I love to gaze into the sky

And count the stars.

I love to climb a steep hill

And feel the clouds.

I love to enter a dense forest

And paint a beautiful picture.

I love to cuddle in a chair

And read a classic.

I love to go to an empty movie hall

And watch a Clark Gable film.

I love to walk barefoot on a seashore

And pick coloured sea shells.

I love to visit a temple at twilight

And light a lamp and pray.

Above all,

I love to be loved b…

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Have You Thought - Poetry

August 24, 2017

- Sesi Saradi

When you are immersed in
Reading a book,
Have you ever paused
And thought about me,
As I often do?

When you are taking
A walk alone,
Have you ever halted
And thought about me
As I often do?

When you are busy
With your work
Have you ever stopped
And thought about me
As I often do?

When you are enjoying the
Company of your friends,
Have you ever looked away
And thought about me
As I often do?


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Nyayama Priya... - Telugu Kavita

June 13, 2017

Nyayama Priya - Telugu Kavitha | Telugu Kavithalu | | #Content is loading please wait.....

Read more writings of this author: Neelima Anil

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Uhalu - Telugu Kavita

June 13, 2017

Oohalu - Telugu Kavita | Telugu Poetry | | #Content is loading please wait.....

Read more writings of this author: Neelima Anil

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Bhajanamu - Telugu Kavita

June 13, 2017

Bhajanamu - TeluguPoetry | Telugu Kavita | | #Content is loading please wait.....

Read more writings of this author: Johny Takkedasila

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Ninnu Cheralena Nestam - Telugu Kavita

June 13, 2017

Ninnu Cheralena Nestam - TeluguPoetry | Telugu Kavita | | #Content is loading please wait.....

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Akka... - Telugu Kavita

June 13, 2017

Akka - Telugu Poetry | Telugu Kavitha | | #Content is loading please wait.....

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Adventure in the Forest - Story

November 3, 2017

Adventure in the Forest

- Sesi Saradi

Saket, me and Krishna, we are childhood friends. We have always been together in school or outside. The thing that bonded and still binds us to one another is our enthusiasm for adventure. Whenever we could get away from the hustle bustle of daily life we went on treks. This is …

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Clark Gable - The King of Hollywood

November 3, 2017

- Sesi Saradi

Clark GableWe all cherish memories of going to the movies. Movies naturally reflect our changing styles, tastes, ideas and human values. From silent films to today’s most advanced digitally made films, motion pictures came a long way.

The history of Hollywood, for the matter the history o…

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5 Tips for Speaking English Fluently

October 10, 2017

- B. Akhil Kumar

English is the one of the most people spoken languages in the world. We know very well about it. English country people speak fluently but people, who are not, cannot speak as same as them.

Desire of an English learner will always be like speaking as fluent as foreigners, Engl…

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Watchman's Daughter - English Translation Story of Telugu

September 15, 2017

Watchman's Daughter

A Telugu 'వాచ్మేన్ కూతురు' story written by Sesi Saradi is translated into English as 'Watchman's Daughter' by the same author, Sesi Saradi.

- Sesi Saradi

It’s been six months since we shifted into this apartment building and from that day the watchman’s wife st…

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Charity Should Begin at Home - English Translation Story of Telugu

August 24, 2017

Charity Should Begin at Home

A Telugu 'తనకు మాలిన ధర్మం' story written by Sesi Saradi is translated into English as 'Charity Should Begin at Home' by the same author, Sesi Saradi.

- Sesi Saradi

In the center of the sprawling Metropolis, the apartment building “Shiva Krupa” is buzzing like a…

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The Bond — English Translation Story of Telugu

August 15, 2017

The Bond Story

A Telugu 'అనుబంధం' story written by Sesi Saradi is translated into English as 'The Bond' by the same author, Sesi Saradi.

- Sesi Saradi

The house is silent. Lalitha sat alone in the living room, holding the news paper. Holding, not reading! At her age she has nothing to do ex…

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The Solution — English Story

August 1, 2017

The Solution

- Sesi Saradi

Rekha is in a hurry. She missed the bus she daily catches from her office and she will be late. That made her worry even more. She thought about her children, seven year old Rohan and five year old Ramya. Not old enough to be left alone. Every day she makes it a point to be hom…

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Kryptanyo — Story

July 26, 2017


- Sesi Saradi

The day began just like any other day and I did not know what it had in store for me. But from the time I woke up a strange feeling engulfed me, as if something terrible is going to happen. I started getting ready for school and noticed the leisurely way my mother is doing thin…

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Is the fidget spinner good to use?

July 20, 2017

- Padmasri

This is a toy. It has more than 2 lobes consisting of bearings. They are available in various prices, shapes, weights, colours etc.

What is the use of this toy? As per my opinion this toy is a very famous time eating toy. There is a reason why I am saying this. First I say about som…

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Five Tips for choosing the better Institute / School / college / University

July 18, 2017

- B. Akhil Kumar

Education is the only way for the bright future. We know very well the importance of education in one’s life. People and students might think that if you have strong desire for studying, you can gain knowledge and will be top student among all students even your studying center i…

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Don't Fall into the Magic when You Shopping

July 18, 2017

- Padmasri


To have whatever we need, we do shopping. From grocery to everything we buy at stores and shops. If we have patience we go to ten shops until we get what we like. We will also be ready to spend huge money to buy the item if it deserves it.

When people do shopping they have to be…

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Top 10 facts of spider that we should know

July 11, 2017

- Padmasri

As per my opinion, everybody should have minimum knowledge of what are surrounding us. Today I wrote some things of spider. You know very well that spiders make house dirty. Yes they do. But, I am not talking about this thing.

The top 10 things of spider that we should know

  1. Sp…

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