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The scientific reason of water to be cold in clay pots

October 10, 2014

We see the water being very cold in the clay pots and not being cold in copper, bronze, steal vessels etc. Many of us do not know why the water will be cold in the clay pots. Here science gives us answer to it. According to science due to vapourisation, the clay pot water will become cold.

What is vapourisation?

Vapourising is called vapourisation. Let me tell in a nut shell about it. We know molecules forming the liquids. It is fact. In the liquid, some molecules vapourise themselves by taking the heat from their around molecules. This process decreases the heat of the liquid means the molecules lose their heat. By losing the heat, the molecules will become very cold. Therefore, the entire molecules means liquid will become cold. 

Now, let’s go to know why the water will be very cold and what happens in the clay pots. By observing the clay pots closely, we can see very small holes being on walls of pots (copper, bronze, steal vessels etc, do not have like this holes). These small holes play vital role in being the water very cold in pots. The water molecules come through these holes and vapourise themselves by taking the heat from other water molecules which are around them. Having lost the heat, the molecules will become cold. Owing to it, the entire water in the pot will be cold.

Having had the small holes on the walls, the clay pots keep the water cold and not having had the any holes on the walls of copper, bronze, steal vessels etc, don’t keep the water cold.

This is the fact behind the water being cold in clay pots.

Written by Padmasri

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