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Why do the leaves of Mimosa Pudica fold towards inside? Specialty of Mimosa Pudica

January 25, 2016

Mimosa pudica tree leaves are really strange to us, because when we touch those tree leaves, they fold towards inside strangely. When I was younger, I was surprised. But after knowing the reason, I thought that oh! It was the reason.

I thought that there might be people who didn’t know about the reason of leaves folding towards inside, so I have written this brief article. According to me, brief articles help everybody to understand easily.

If we closely observe Mimosa pudica’s branches, the starting point of where the two branches grow there are nodules. These nodules consist of soft tissues. These nodules swell when they absorb water and shrink when they lose water.

The main question is why the leaves of Mimosa pudica fold towards inside.

Water which is in soft tissues goes into trunk when the mimosa pudica leaves, having the sense of touch,  are touched, therefore, leaves fold towards inside because of losing strength of their cells.

How long do leaves take to become as it was before state?

Shrinking leaves of Mimosa pudica take at least one hour time to come to the same state as they were and they may also come to the same state as they were in half an hour sometimes.

Having this specialty, this tree has become special and strange to us. So this is the hidden fact (secret) of this mysterious tree. :)

Written by B.Akhil Kumar

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