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Who discovered the drug for syphilis disease?

February 8, 2016

Who discovered the drug for syphilis disease?I am going to write on this article not only the discoverer’s name, but his study, researches, inventions and discoveries as well in brief.

Who is Paul Ehrlich?

Paul Ehrlich, founder and first director of Paul Ehrlich Institute, was a German scientist and physician.

Where was Paul Ehrlich born?

Paul Ehrlich was born on 14th March 1854, in Strzelin town in Poland. And he died on 20th August 1915.

Study and research:

Paul Ehrlich studied in medical science. He did researches on hematology, immunology, antimicrobial chemotherapy and cancer.

Inventions and discoveries:

Paul Ehlrich invented the precursor technique to Gram’s Method. He and his team discovered arsphenamine drug for syphilis disease. And he discovered labrocyte cells. This cell is a type of white blood cell. He made the concept of “magic bullet” popular.

Nobel Prize:

Paul Ehrlich was a Nobel Prize receiver. He received the Nobel Prize in 1908.

Briefly this is about Paul Ehrlich. This information is given by according to knowledge of me. If you know anything about Paul Ehrlich, please post on comment box.

Written by Padmasri

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