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Which type of fish form electricity?

February 8, 2016

Which type of fish form electricity?In this brief article you are going to know about fish which type of fish form electricity. We know in the sea many family fish forming electricity. In them worthy mentoring are two which are written below.

  • Electric eel
  • Cat Fish

You, before knowing about these fish, should know why these fish produce electricity and what the reason is behind it.

They produce electricity, so that they can protect themselves from other creatures in water and get food.

Electric eel:

Electric eel fish produce excess electricity. At a time they can produce 400 to 650 volt electricity. This species fish, being 1.8 meters height and black in color, have the organs which produce the electricity are below the fin (tale).

Cat fish:

Cat fish, being 1.2 meters, also produce the electricity.

According to scientists, this fish have electric cells in their muscles.  When these fish eat much food and are actively, they produce excess electricity. And when they are tired, they produce less electricity.

Written by B.Akhil Kumar

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