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Which trees give rubber to us?

January 25, 2016

Which type of trees give rubber

Rubber is mostly used thing. In these days we are getting artificial rubbers, leave aside about artificial rubbers. I am going to write here about natural rubber in a nut shell. Our nature gives to us rubber naturally from rubber trees since long ago.

Rubber trees are such the ancient trees that they were thirty lacks years ago also according to fossils of them.

Hevea brasiliensis, one of the species of rubber trees, which belongs to Euphorbiaceae family, gives excess rubber. These species trees grow up to thirty five meters.

Mostly from 400 to 500 species are there in rubber trees.

Characteristic of natural rubber:

Natural rubbers, having malleability, can stretch longer in size than their real size.

How is the rubber made?

Wherever we prick on rubber trees, a liquid which looks like milk comes out. After held, this liquid will be dried then the rubber will be made.

In briefly, this is about rubber and rubber trees.

Written by B.Akhil Kumar

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