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Which is the most dangerous bird in the world?

May 2, 2015

For the the question "Which is the most dangerous bird?". Answer is Cassowary is most dangerous bird in the world. It lives in forest in Nyugayah and north Australia. And now I am describing about "How it be? and how does it hunt etc". It has paw like knife. Paw will be inner side of legs. It uses it to kill other animals. But this birds number is very low. But they do big sound always. It is big in size like Ostrich. But it does not fly because it does not have wings. One time it had wings but they were ruined in evolution. Feathers are on its body. Its weight is 180 pounds and height is 1.8 meters. It can run in thick forests also with 30 miles speed.

Its head is smaller than it's body. Cassowary bird head is blue in color. And body color is black.

Article by: P.B

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