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What Way is the Better to Note/Save the Phone Numbers?

June 30, 2016

What Way is the Better to Note/Save the Phone Numbers

You all very well know about phones and their uses. But sometimes these phones can’t help us when they shut down. I am going to tell what problems we have to face when they shutdown. And I would like to tell how to face this problem and what I did for this. If you save the all numbers on mobile and you also don’t remember the numbers, you have to face the problems when you want to call up when your phone shut down. If we remember their number, there won’t be any problem.  Actually the problem comes when we don’t remember.

We can overcome this problem by using the small and little note book by noting the numbers. This is the best way to save the phone numbers. There are available many types of phone books in stationeries. To my mind, noting the phone numbers in a book is very good way and useful to keep the phone numbers safely. We need not recharge the phone books, because it’s not an electronic device and we can use the book whenever we need it. To note the phone numbers or any information, these spiral books (little and small books) are useful and easy to carry anywhere. If you don’t want to carry or buy special book, you can buy wallet which consists of small books.

To my mind, the book is safer than the mobile for phone numbers. You may think like this ‘who writes the phone numbers in a book it takes time’. Yes, it takes time, but it doesn’t take much time. Suppose you want to write one person’s number, it takes only few seconds. I don’t think you will have difficulty in spending few seconds to write it. It doesn’t take so much time that you listen to a song, does it?

Use wallet which has the phone book or small note book. It may be very useful to you.

Uses of using the note books to note the phone numbers:

  • Books need not battery because they aren’t electronic devices.
  • You can easily carry them.
  • They will be in small sizes.
  • Some wallets also consist of the books.

I have said my opinion and what I do for phone numbers. As per my knowledge, using the books is better than using the phone for saving the phone numbers.

Written by Padmasri

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