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What to do and not to do during the kites’ festival - English Article

January 17, 2016

Youngsters and children like very much the flying the kites. We know very well why they like that festival very much. Kites will be colorful, in many sizes and shapes. As this festival is lovable, likeable and enjoyable, children and youngsters like this festival. Some of them fight with others by cutting their threads of kites by using the thread.

This is an interesting festival. This festival comes in India in January every year. It is a winter season also in India so the kite-flyers will come out and go to on terraces, play grounds and meadows. Kite-flyers, while flying the kites, forget themselves. Actually, they prefer to use the places which will be high in the height. For that, they choose hill places, terraces and water tanks which will be on the buildings.

Flying the kites and fighting by cutting other kites using their kite’s manja look like very enjoyable and likeable. It is so nice.

But, have you ever thought about what happens during the festival?

I think nobody thinks about it except bird and animal lovers and government because they know very well about it. So we also should know about what happens and what precautions should be taken.

First, let’s know about what happens during this festival.

For flying the kites, the threads are used. It is common. In these threads there are mainly three types. In them one is traditional thread and another two are Chinese manja or Tangus and other synthetic threads. 

Used threads to fly kites:

  • White thread (For traditional thread)
  • Nylon thread (Chinese manja or Tangus – Called Tangu manja)
  • Other synthetic threads

Traditional thread:

In traditional thread, white thread is used and this thread is applied by a pink and fluorescent mixture of glass, rice and egg. This mixture is called manja masala.

Chinese manja or Tangus:

This Chinese manja or Tangus which is made up of nylon and coated with glass, being sharp and strong, is harmful not only to birds, but also humans. Because of being sharp and strong, it can easily cut birds’ wings.

Other synthetic threads:

These other synthetic threads, which are coated with harmful substances or glass, are non-biodegradable. These threads also cause injuries to birds and animals.

Animals and birds do not know that there is being celebrated the kites festival. They come out side as daily. When the birds like parrots, vultures, kites, owls, crows, pigeons et cetera among others fly in the sky, this threads cause to injure them, not only birds but also animals and humans.

Nylon thread, being non-biodegradable, badly affects on soil and water.

After the festival celebrations we see the manja being left hanging on poles, trees, top of houses, electric wires et cetera. Due to it, they may be threat to animals and humans.

Precautions to be taken-while flying the kites:

Normally, kite-flyers choose high places to fly the kites. For that they go to on terraces. Generally, terraces have walls around, so that any body does not fall down. Some houses have the terraces without having the walls. Like this terraces are very danger to fly the kites because while flying the kites, kite-flyers forget themselves and where they are stepping due to looking at the kites. So they may fall down and get injuries sometimes death also. This type of terraces should be avoided, so that kite-flyers can be safe.

Parents should take care of their children by discouraging and not allowing them from flying kites near electrical lines.

Another precaution is you are either child or younger you should not climb and touch electric polls to take kites which entangle on electric polls. Using iron rods or bamboo sticks to take the kites which entangled on electric polls and lines shouldn’t be done. 

Written by Padmasri

Read more writings of this author: Padmasri

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