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What is the meaning of 'Manandari'?

April 23, 2015, a publishing platform of literature, arts and other talents, encourages the talented people. We, having an intention, have put the “Manandari” name as the site name. “Manandari” name, letters of Telugu, having been taken from “Ma” - Mana Matrubhashaksarala (Letters of our mother tongue), “Nan” - Nandanavanalanu (Beauty of Telugu/nature), “Dari” - Dharinchina Dharani (Mother earth – having beauty of Telugu), has been created by us.

     Despite having this meaning, Manandari has been given another beautiful meaning by our beloved readers is Mana Andari (Everyone’s) dot com -

     So we are glad to announce to everyone that now onwards meaning of is not only our given meaning, but readers given meaning also. “Mana Andari – Manandari” =

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