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What is Inner beauty and Outer beauty? - English Article

January 20, 2016

What are Outer Beauty & Inner Beauty?According to me, beauty of a thing or a person are two types. We can say and call them inner and outer beauties. If you compare these two, they both are different from each other. Each one has its own speciality. In a way both are different and special individually. But in these two beauties, one is greater than another one according to me. By reading this article, you will know what that is.

  1. Outer beauty
  2. Inner beauty

What is Outer beauty?

Something which is visible to your eyes and you can see the beauty with your eyes is called “Outer Beauty”. To say simply, which you can see outer appearance of a person or a thing, that is called the outer beauty.

Illustrations for better understanding about outer beauty:

You can see the beauty of people and beauty of the nature. You, by seeing them, say that she or nature is so beautiful.

You say those words when you see them and the nature with your eyes. Here is a question for you. For an example you are in your room. Now, Could you tell about the beauty of people or nature without seeing them and the nature? You can’t tell because you are in one of the rooms of your home how you can tell.

You can know about the beauty of outer when you able to see something.

What is Inner beauty?

Which is not visible and we can’t see is called “Inner Beauty”. If outer beauty is one side of a coin, this inner beauty is another side of a coin.

For better understanding about inner beauty:

There is a house. From outside it looks like very old and not in good condition but when you go inside of that house and see that house fully decorated and well conditioned if you feel that is amazing, that is called inner beauty of that house. It means a thing or person may not be good in appearance but it or they may be good from inside. Which and who is good from inside, if you like them because of that, it means you have liked it or them because of seeing and feeling their inner beauty. This inner beauty is totally invisible. You can’t see the inner beauty directly with your eyes. You can feel and see “inner beauty” of a person by their behavior and activities only.

Which beauty should I believe the outer beauty or the inner beauty?

Sometimes people own eyes also may cheat them. Whatever we see, we cannot believe on each one which we have seen.

To make you understand I would like to give you few illustrations here.

  • Beauty of a person

Illustration: Outer beauty

A person, who is great and beautiful in appearance, is your neighbor. You, getting good opinion by seeing that person’s beautiful appearance, have tried to do friendship with that person.

You succeeded in making friendship with that person. But afterwards you have known that that person is good in appearance but not good in character, behavior and also in trusting. That person such a cheater that nobody believes that he is a cheater.

According to this example, we can say that we cannot trust or believe a person by seeing outer beauty and this example has proved it.

Illustration: Inner beauty

A person, who is around you and has known to you, may not be good in appearance. Due to that person’s appearance, you may not have shown interest to talk or do friendship with that person. But you see that person helping to others and not treating badly. When you have got a problem despite you haven’t shown interest to ask advice that person, that person, with hobby of helping others, has given you good advice.

That time you have realized to one thing that despite not being good in appearance, that person is good. You have liked that person because of that person’s inner beauty.

According to illustrations, you can decide what you should believe on. But outer beauty is like a mask of a person. Behind that mask may be dangerous person also. We can’t say anything exactly about a person by seeing their outer beauty or outer appearance. Therefore, I prefer only on inner beauty to trust the people.

Fire looks like gold but if we try to touch it, it burns. To look sea water very pleasant, but we can’t live by drinking that water. So we can’t say everything is good which we have seen with our eyes. Which we have seen may be beautiful but that beautifulness till your eyes only. According to me, inner beauty is greater than outer beauty. You will feel this inner beauty of others by seeing their activity, behavior et cetera. If you are good from your inside, it means you have inner beauty.

Written by B.Akhil Kumar

Read more writings of this author: B.Akhil Kumar

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