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What are the requirements for reading? - English Article

November 27, 2015

Reading… Many students think intelligent or extraordinary students only can read except them no one can; however, their way of thinking is wrong. You may question me why they think like that, because there is no confidence inside of them. Students, not having confidence, are thinking like that. Way of their thinking should change. Unless change their way of thinking, they won’t be able to read or remember or understand what they read.

It does not depend on intelligence or any extraordinary skills to read or remember what we read any subject; it depends on students’ concentration. Whatever subject it is if students read with interest and concentration, they can read, remember and understand anything.

“We are unable to remember what we read.” These words we often hear by students who are around us. If we enquire them, we may know many reasons from them. I think of there is no point in discussing about reasons of not able to read. That is why I am not writing about them here. Let us go to the topic.

“How to read” I am going to write in three points regarding how many reading types there are and what they are.

They are:

  • Reading loudly
  • Types of reading
  • How to read?

Point 1: Reading loudly

First of all we should know about reading from set in. Did you remember? When we were in our childhood we used to read lessons loudly. Do you know why? Our teachers unnecessarily not used to make us read loudly, there is a reason for it. To pronounce words properly, we used to read loudly. In any language, proper pronunciation is required. You may think what happens if proper pronunciation we do not have. Meaning of it may change and to listen also it will be odd if pronunciation is not properly. Therefore, our teachers used to make us read loudly when we were in our childhood.

Point 2: Types of reading

Every person has their own style of reading. Types of reading are many. In them, while reading, some people, listening to the music; some, silently and some people walk here to there. Because of reading like that it goes into their mind what they are reading. Students may have difficulty in reading when they read in other way of reading style instead of their style. Owing to it, they can’t understand and remember what they read. So, here is the remarkable thing we have to observe from this second point that read in any way it does not matter, understanding and remembering what we read is important.

Point 3: How to read?

Finally it is the last and important point. I am writing this article especially “for students” why I am mentioning it is that I am giving some example to explain “How to read”.

We read many sort of books whether they may be knowledge or entertainment besides subject books. In them we can remember very well other books except subject books. Do you know why? Because having had interest, we can. Let me describe clearly. If a person read newspaper or magazine or etc., he can remember easily what he read.  You may ask me why? That news or article attracts him when he is reading. It is attracting him because he has interest on reading it. A person is attracted to something when he has interest of it. Being interested, any person can remember when they read any book besides subject book.

As I said above, because of interest we could remember what we read even after two days also we can tell about it to others too. I have mentioned “interest” many times in this article I think you have observed it. Everybody should have interest on reading especially for students. They should have interest along concentration. People who read other books they can tell the entire story and every character of it. But could they tell a day or couple of days later the matter of subject books who read subject books? You can think about it. If students read subject books as interestedly as other books, they can also remember everything of the subject book and they can tell about it after couple of days too. I think you have pointed that interest plays main role in reading and remembering. Remember that if you read without interest or concentration, you cannot remember it.

So conclusion of my article is whatever you read, read it with interest and concentration. You, by reading interestedly and with concentration, can remember anything. And remember if there is no concentration or interest, there will be nothing.

Written by B.Akhil Kumar


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