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Trees, the essential of all living beings - English Article

Trees, oxygen treasures, the essential of all living beings, give oxygen by taking carbon dioxide. Everybody should put a question themselves that if there is no oxygen, what occurs. You will realize unless you put this question yourself what happens if there is no oxygen.

The earth, a livable planet, is useless if it has no oxygen. According to imagination everywhere will be extreme heat, un-imaginable situations and no living beings on earth if there are no trees. Oxygen comes from trees if they are not, earth will be like other planets which are nearer to our earth.

Day-by-day count of forests is vanishing by cutting trees. The decrease of forests will affect bad to us, atmosphere and earth. Level of other airs picks up when oxygen level goes down, moreover, ozone layer gets damage. Everybody knows what happens if ozone gets damage. Since ultraviolet rays directly fall on earth and living beings, they will be in danger. The damage of ozone layer will cause for many threats.

Due to cutting of trees, not only this happens, but also many may happen. It will not rain at the right time and season and also may not rain at all; moreover, there are chances to come continual rain, earthquakes, tsunamis et cetera.

If cutting of forests continuous, there will not exist anything for upcoming generation. Everybody should notice this. Despite having known everything, people have been neglecting all these things.

Governments of every country have been saying that trees should not be cut, instead of cutting the trees, plant plants, but no-one is listening to it. I have observed one thing that government also has been failing in planting plants mission. Reasons might be many but in them one of the reasons is we. You may question how we may be. Planting trees is not only job of the government, but job of the every person also. According to me due to not having people support to government and careless of officers, planting plants missions keep failing.


As trees play main role for all living beings, we must grow trees. For it we have to plant plants as many as possible. I have heard some words of others somewhere where you cut a tree, plant a new plant there. Responsibility of trees is not only government duty, but ours also. So turn over a new leaf to pick up the count of the trees and forests by planting plants. 

Written by B.Akhil Kumar

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yes you said correctly. people choose the government. so people must grow plants. well said. keep it up. ,



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