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December 18, 2013

340 Chambers Bhavan in India

     The president house is the large building home to 340 rooms. This building is the official residence of the president of India in New Delhi, India. The special features are in this building. Its construction began in 1912, and was completed in 17 years.

     Before to the independence of India, "The Vice-Roy House" was a name. After independence in 1950, the "Rashtrapati Bhavan" and officially renamed. Initially, when the British were ruling India, it built for the Governor-General's residence. It was built in the area of two million square feet in the 275-acre site. 75 million bricks and 35 million cubic feet of stone used for the construction. Those days, cost was Rs one crore for it. Presidents of the buildings, it is larger than all the nations of the world.

     Mughal Garden in 13 acres of land, 250 species of rose plants are at Rashtrapati Bhavan. 9 tennis courts, polo ground, cricket ground and golf courts are in the building campus. There are 37 fountains, the museum of gifts and the Durbar hall.


Alter the Colors of the hill in South Australia:

     The hill is located in South Australia, like a chameleon that changes colors. Its name, "Ayres Rock". This hill every day and every season will be changing colors. This hill discovered by an English travelr W.G.Gosey in 1873. Then, Henry Ayer was the Prime Minister to the South Australia. His name was name to this hill. This hill is in egg-shaped. The hill is in the shape of a chicken egg. This hill is in length 7km and in width 2.4 km. Hill height is 348 meters. Commonly this hill is in red. Its colors will change in morning and evening hours. In morning while sun rays on this hill it is in intense red color. The blue color is visible in the flames coming up from the middle of it. In the morning time it is in the dark blue. In afternoon time it is in the yellow-green color. in evening time it is in the orange color. The hill is filled with the "conglomerate" stones. Dust particles appears in the atmosphere.


100% literate countries:

     There are many countries in the world have achieved 100% literacy. They are: Albania, Andorra, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijani, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Iceland, Latvia, Macedonia, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Sweden, New Zealand, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, UK.

     There are may countries in the world have achieved 99% literacy. They are: Belgium, Canada, France, Georgia, Hungary, North Korea, Nauru, Poland, Russia, Shawn Marino, Slovenia, Tonga and Uzbekistan.

Australia is known as the lucky Country:

     The country of Australia is known as the Lucky Country. Because of Australia is one of the rich and the developed countries. The government provides all the facilities for the people of this country. It is with highest standard in the education, health and sanitation. The government provides all facilities to them to live comfortably. They live very comfortably. That why this country is known as the Luck Country.

     Australia area is 76 lakh 86 thousand 850 square kilometers. The main language is English, the currency Australian dollar, achieved 100% literacy.

     In Australia, gold, iron, steel, zinc, copper, nickel, bauxite, coal, oil, and natural gas are available.


Specialization of Seychelles country:

     It is a group of 115 islands. It's area only 450 square kilometers. The population is only 89 thousand people. Victoria is the capital of the Seychelles. The people here Creole, English and French languages are spoken. Here currency is rupee. Here 58% literate.

     Specialization of this country: Here, 50 percent of the land has been allocated for the development of tourism. Means, here do not want to construct residential homes. And do not do commercial activities. This is the first country in the world has taken such a decision. Here, the government announced that 30% is the protected area in the waters of sea. Ban on the hunting of aquatic in protected areas. This is due both decisions; Seychelles is beautiful with plants, animals, pear shells, sharks crustaceans and different trees.

by P.B.

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