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Sunset - These photographs by Savitha

October 10, 2013
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Photographer : Savitha

Place : ---


Sunset | Savitha Photography | | #Content loading please wait.....

Sunset | Savitha Photography | | #Content loading please ewait.....

Sunset | Savitha Photography | | #Content loading please wait.....

Sunsset | Savitha Photography | |#Content loading please wait.....

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chala bagunayi savita garul. really awesome.

ఫోటోగ్రఫ్స్ చాలా బాగున్నాయి సవిత గారు. చిత్రాల్లో జీవ కళ ఉట్టిపడుతోంది. నాకు ఈ ఐదు చిత్రాల్లో చాలా చాలా నచ్చిన పిక్స్ చివరి చిత్రం అండ్ మొదటి నుండి రెండవ చిత్రం.. ఈ రెండు నాకు బాగా నచ్చాయి.

savithagaru, ee photographs chala chala bagunnayi, avi meeru teesinavena?i mean nijamga sunset avtoonte teesara? idi ela sadyam?any how really suuperb

chinnappudu.. sayam sandhya vela.. meda paina kurchunna rojulu gurthu chesthunnay e pics.. thanks savitha garu..!

chala chakkaga vunnai savitha garu photoes chetla madya suryudu abba entha baagundoooo

anni pics chalaa bagunnayi savitha garu. really good

sunset eppudu directga chudalemu..mana knowledge kuda directga kanabadinpudu ...sun anedhi nelo gyananni chusistundhi...aha gyanam me cemera nundhi vachi sunset photo lantidhi...thank u savitha garu

chaala bagunnaayi pics savitha garu. excellant photography. you captured the sun very well

thanks to all naa sunset photoes nachhinandhuku.

VENKATERSH GAARU@ ivi real sunset at 6 o clock evening theesaanu , ippududippude form avuthunna colony so greenary ekkuva and houses thakkuva so alaa sunset kuda clear gaa vuntundi so nenu alaa theesaanu photoes ni this is real sunset and sunset ayyetappudu sky red colour lo avuthundi and big trees vunte trees middlel and side alaa photoes theeyavachhu and camrs also nice camera CANON camera.any how thanks.

if it is natural one,your creativity is really superb in setting all the scenary into your camera as it is.very nice.meeru anukunnattu teeyagaligarani naa uddesyam.


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