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Shantam Telugu Kavita

November 22, 2012
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super santham baley cheparu padma sri garu chala bagundhi and fact kooda entha santham ga untey antha prasantham ga untundhi

mee nunchi ilanti mari konni aasisthunam andi ila post chesthu undandi

chala chakkaga chepparu sri garu...manishi ki avi vundakudado ...shantham lo vunna swanthana amito chakkaga vivarincharu ....keep go ahead :)



Thank you PADMASRI.I learn from your words what i want actually.

well said padmasri garu

well said padmasri, but koncham maristhe inka baguntundi anukuntunna. kantichupu jabbu ahankaram ani kakunda asuya ani marishe baguntundi, alage alonchan jabbu asuya ani kakunda ahankaram ani marusthe baguntundani naa abhiprayam, okkasari alochinchndi sri


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