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Prema Ante Emiti ?

November 8, 2012 | Premante emiti

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avunu laddu

nice hmm continue cheyandi andariki thelisindhey ayina enni salru vina vinalani untundhi ..aahana pelli anta old movie laga :)

prema ante only boy & girl madya matrame kadu andari madya untadi aa prema ante enti

avunu miru chepindi nijame ... prema andari madya untundi aa prema sodara/sodari bandallo undochu talitandrulu pillalu madya ila cheptunte chala rakallo prema untundi.. kani ee sambandala madya unna prema veru.. kani ammayi abbayi yuktavayasulo unna vari madya prema veru.. kondari vishayamlo nijamaina prema untundi undadani ananu.. kani nenu prema musugu vese varini gurinchi prastavinchaanu ...

e rojullo nijamina prema ekkada unnadhi boss....paristitulaku anugunanga unnaru ekkada unte fake love akkada untundhi....

Meeru cheppindi mummatiki nijam praveen .. sadarana bandallo kuda vishpurita palakarimpulu chotuchesukunnayante ... money enthati prabhavani chuputundo manam anchana veyagalam

A relationship is without LOVE , every emotion that we feel is connected to Love..
Love can be in many different forms, stages and levels for different ppl and different relationships.. But the basic caring that we feel for the ppl we love is always present and cannot be done without "To Love someone"...

abababa em chepav chinni nuvu keka kevvu keka em chepina baley cheptheru ga meeru edo kavitha laga kavitha antey ammayi kadu suma haha suma annakooda ammayi kadu haha :p
super ga cheptaru meeru super meeru iakda petina danni vidiga pampandi bagundhi :)

kumar garu baga chepparu meru cheppindhi nijam continue cheyyandi andhariki theliyali

Kumaru garu baga rasaru topic appudu vinedi aina kothaga undi continue cheyandi andariki teliyalsina vinsyame. gud


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