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Plus and Minus points of Chat room

September 4, 2014

We see many sorts of chat rooms being on online and most of them being for pass time only. I would like to share some of points of good and bad things of chat rooms. We, by using chat rooms, can observe plus and minus points of chat rooms like every coin has two different sides.

What are the plus points of chat rooms? :

According to me plus points of chat rooms:

1. Making friendship with many people.

2. Forgetting their loneliness by chatting while being alone.

3. Improving other languages skills.

4. Knowing information about anything by asking other chatters.

5.  Getting relaxation by chatting.

6. Being able to meet their own country people.

What are the minus points of the chat rooms? :

1. Having bad opinion on chat rooms, some people do abuse with other chatters on chat rooms.

2. After chatting and exchanging email IDs, some people might send abuse mails and pictures and hack the systems by sending virus via links. (Explanation: On chat rooms, you can meet various types of chatters. In those, by seeing their chat, you can’t guess what the person’s character is. For example, some chatters are there and chat so good that you believe them. They, after becoming close to you and exchanging the mail IDs, may show their real character and create problems not only by sending the abuse mails and pictures, but by hacking your accounts also. So every chatter should be aware and careful of this kind of chatters, so that you can avoid any problem with them. It is better not to share your personal information and even mail IDs also with strangers. If you share your email ID or other info with strangers, you are only the sole responsible for it and no one can help you.)’s advice: Do not share your email ID or any personal information with strangers. And do not trust anyone quickly. You are responsible for your privacy and everything.

Written by Sri

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