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Oo Nestama - Telugu Kavitha

September 13, 2013
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Details :

Title : O Nestama

Writer Name : Savitha

Category : Poetry


Oo Nestama - Telugu Kavitha | TeluguPoetry | Telugu Poem | | #Content loading please wait.....

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nice expression.

chala chakkaga chepparandi manchi mitruni gurinchi. alaanti mitrunni life lo eppudu cheyyi veedakoodadu

thanks anjali and mani gaaru.

Nice ....!!!

sneham gurinchi chala chakkaga chepparu,,savitha can I ask one thing? world lo prema goppada or friendship goppada?ee rendintilo edhi goppadhi antey mer yedhi goppadi ani chepatharu?

swapnaa gaaru premaa and frienship rendu goppave kada deni value daanide kada ani naa opinion . meeru emantaaru swapnaa gaaru?

చాలా బాగా చెప్పారు... స్నేహం విలువ తెలిసిన ప్రతి వ్యక్తి నోట అప్రయత్నంగా వెలువడక మానదు "బాగుంది" అనే మాట. బాగుంది సవిత గారు.

miru cheppinadhi nijamey,,rendu imp nd deni value dhanidey but ee rojullo (ee generationlo),,,friendship ne goppadi ani na abhiprayam..prema firstlo baguntundi antaru but ending lo sad,,adey friendship eppatiki happyney kada?

ok ok swapna gaaru adi kuda point .
friendship maatram ekkuva kaalam nilabettukone chances ekkuva ,prema kuda but after marriage break ayye chances ekkuva kada . any friendship is great now a days.

prema okaritho kalige anubhavam, sneham entha mandhi tho nyna panchukune madhuryom, 1000 mandhi snehithullunna manasuki nachedi dagarayedi okaru leka idharu , migatha frnds tho edhoka chota break point ravochu, prema okarithono , leka kalam kalipithe vividha ages lo konthamandithone, but soul meat okare avutharu findut kastame, alantappudu sneham ela gopadi avuthundi, prema gopadha sneham gopadha ante .. avi panche ..chese manushulni batti vuntundi..


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