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Neevu - Telugu Kavitha

March 31, 2014
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Title : Neevu

Writer Name : Charan

Category : Poetry


Neevu - Telugu Kavitha | Telugu Poem | TeluguPoetry | | #Content loading please wait.....

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"kalalatone payanaalu..kanneetilone maranalu"... chala bagunayi. chinna kavita ayina chala ardamunna kavita. very nice.

very nice "CHARANJI" :))))

nayanam,payanam,maranm bhale chepparandi nice

chala chakkaga undi charan

"niduraleni nayanalu...kannitilone maranalu" chalaa touching ga unai ee lines...


am felling very proud of this all poems

chala bagundandi .i like it


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