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Multitasking - English Article

March 30, 2015

I would like to tell about the news on “Multitasking” which I have read recently. Before saying it, I want to tell about what the multitasking is.

What is the multitasking?: Doing more than one work at a time is called “multitasking”. Not only doing many works at a time, but thinking various thoughts at a time also is called multitasking.

We have to question ourselves whether we are doing multitasking or not. If we are not doing multitasking, there won’t be any worry. If we are doing multitasking, we’ll have to face some problems. According to surveys, due to multitasking, our memory capacity will decrease and our brain will damage. Multitasking is dangerous to our brain. They, by multitasking, lose their memory power and IQ and they cannot concentrate on any work.

So, it is better to avoid the multitasking.

Written by Padmasri

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Good information, it's a useful article.

yes its really good information and thank u for sharing with us sri


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