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Manam Enduku Maaram - Telugu Vyaasam

March 22, 2013
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Title : Manam Enduku Maaram ?

Writer Name : Karuna Sagar                  

Category : Article


Manam Enduku Maaram - Telugu Vyaasam | Telugu Article | @ | #Content Loading Please wait.....

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sagar aru meechepindi akshara sathyam.marpu anedi mana nudi modalu avvali.nice nachindi

meeru chepina satyani andaru guritinchali.. alage munduga maname maraali... mana ane mundu mundu nenu maratanu anna alochana ravali andarilo..... baga rasaru sagar

enduku maram anna prasna nundi enduku marakudadu anna samadananki marali antu baga rasaru sagar.

Manishiki alochiche shakthi undi kabatte, aa alochana okela undadhu kabatti manishi maradu

mana nundi marpu modalavvali....avunandi ala marithene abhivruddi jarugutundi

avunu sagar garu evaro maaraledu ani aaalochinche badulu mundu manam maarali ani eni endku janalu aalochincharu? ala aaalochinchina naadu prapamcham motham maruthundi andi


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