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Kanneellu Kaabovu Saaswatam - Telugu Article

September 13, 2013
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Details :

Title : Kannillu Kaabovu Saaswatam

Writer Name : B. Akhil Kumar

Category : Article


Kannillu Kaabovu Saaswatam - Telugu Article | Telugu Vyaasam | | #Content loading please wait.....Kannillu Kaabovu Saaswatam - Telugu Article | Telugu Vyaasam | | #Content loading plwase wait.....

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Modati pankthe nundi chivari pankthe varaku oka paatakuditho pratyaksha sambashana la sagina mee vyasam nootiki noorupallu oka manchi vyasam ela undalo alane undi akhil garu. upayogakaramaina amsam.,vipulamaina vivarana, bhava prakatana saili bagundi. chala baga rasaru. pogadtha kadu ,prasamsa matrame. "kaneellu kabovu saswatham" anedi matram akshara satyam.

nijam chepparandi akhil garu meeru cheppina prathee aksharam sathyam aathma hathyalu valla chethaganithanam bayatapaduthundi, inkapothe hathyalu antara meeru cheppinatlu ippatlo antha preplanning aipothunnadi kaani deuvdu anevadu vuntadu adela ante enthati telivaina vedhava aina sare edo oka chota pattubaduthadu. ee hathyalu aathama hathyalavalla jeevithalu naasanam avvadam thappa vere emi prayojanam vundadu idi manishi aalochinchagaligina roju prapancham chala prasanthamgaa vuntundi meeru cheppinatle ee topic gurinchi matladali ante maatalu saripovu, chadive vaari kooda opika vundadu .......

idi nijam akil.

HI akhil garu.manhciga failure aye meru rasina stiry chadvithe compalsru change avthru sure...Bhga inka elantvi rayandi akhil garu.....:))

chala chakkagaru cheparu akhil garu, yaa prati manishiki badalu vastai avi saswatam kavu, konchum opika padute, konchum daryam chesukuni samsyani eduriste tappakunda machi roju vastundi, really nice article :)

hmm Bagundhi article.... manasu balenappudu inka ekkuva think cheste badha ekuvavtundhi tappithe taggadu.. so wait cheste kalame vaatini solve chestundhi otherwise marchipoyela chestundhi atleast.


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