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Is Watching Television in Darkness Good?

February 8, 2016

Is Watching Television in Darkness Good?Watching T.V. in darkness is absolutely not good to your eyes and to you. People think that if they watch T.V in darkness, they can watch motion pictures clearly and colorfully. To say frankly, people see clearly the things or any in the light only. Everything is visible to eyes clearly in the light only. Otherwise we can’t see especially in darkness.

Some people, being educated, watch television in their room, in the darkness which has come by closing the all windows, doors et cetera. They are doing which shouldn’t be done even in the dream.

Two dangerous disadvantages, by watching Television in the darkness, are there.

What are the disadvantages by watching T.V in the darkness?


1. When you watch television in the darkness, your eyes will damage. Due to reflecting picture in your eye, retina of the eye may damage. All of us know very well about eyes how much they are delicate. This is the first disadvantage of watching TV in the darkness.

2. I don’t know whether you have observed or not the increasing and decreasing of light of the T.V. when pictures are changing. If not, you should observe it and continue reading this article. When the room is dark and TV is turned on, you can observe the changing of the picture’s light increasing and decreasing. In this case if people watch TV, their eyes will be tired more in darkness than in light.

Everybody, having known, does neglect about taking care of their eyes while watching the TV. About it every time a question raises in my mind that whether they really know about it or don’t know. I thought that they might not have known about this information and that was making them watch like that. Therefore, as less as possible to motivate them I have written this article.

Precautions to be taken while watching Television:

  • Every time when you watch Television, you must maintain at least three to four meters distance, so that your eyes will not be affected.
  • The position of Television must be on four feet height from floor.
  • At least low brightness light must be switched on while watching the Television.

Written by B.Akhil Kumar

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