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If you Hurt Anyone, You will be Hurt in return by Others - English Article

February 8, 2016

You will be hurt return by others if you hurt anyoneWe see often people hurting others and people being hurt. According to me, if you throw a ball away to the wall which is opposite to you, it returns towards you and if you throw something away to the sky, it falls down on you. Like this if you hurt others, you will be hurt in return by others any one day definitely.

You may ask how it is possible.

You may often see people who are around you having a habit of hurting others. According to observation, I have heard people saying that by hurting others they feel devilish happiness. I don’t think there will be such happiness that they will get it by hurting others.

It is said if anyone hurts you, that means they, who hurt you, have already been hurt by others, therefore, they are hurting you.

According to analyzing of me, a person can easily hurt others. But the person, who is hurt by others, thinks “I have been hurt by someone, then what happens if I hurt others? Nothing happens! I too hurt others.” The person who has been hurt by others may think like that. Due to thinking like that everybody who has been hurt, keeps hurting others. If a person hurts other person, that person hurts another person and another person hurts one more other person like this it continues like a chain till reaching the person who firstly hurt others.

Nobody gets anything by unnecessarily hurting others except getting devilish happiness. I don’t think that who always tries to get devilish happiness, they will not be happily till their end of life, will they?

Every person, despite being a human being, should be good and treat everybody good.

Why do people often try to hurt or insult others?

I don’t know exact answers for why people hurt or insult others. But I would like to write them here which I know.


Few reasons make them hurt or insult others:

They are

  1. others success
  2. others getting good opportunities
  3. others being good

Above the three reasons may make people hurt or insult others due to not bearing their success, good et cetera.

They can’t see others success:

There are always a kind of people who can’t see others’ success especially who don’t achieve the success and have defects within. Those, who can’t see your success, hurt or insult you, so that they can cover their defects, failures et cetera and others not to point them.

They can’t see others getting good opportunities:

There are some people who always hurt others it is either job matter or business, et cetera matter. Their target is only those who have got that opportunity because they have not got.

They can’t see others being good:

If you are good in all, others especially who are always jealous of others may try to hurt or insult you because they are jealous or not good.

There are not only these types of people, but many types of people as well.

Especially who is very jealous of others success, good et cetera, those often try to hurt or insult people, so that they can get devilish happiness. Those people, who hurt or insult for devilish happiness, by hurting others, are proving themselves that they are not human beings.

So be human and don’t try to be a foolish person.

So don’t even try hurting others in your dreams. Because nobody knows how others feel if they have been hurt. Hurting a person means, you are encouraging people to hurt others. Because I have already written above how people, who have been hurt, think and how hurting continues like a chain. So if you want to see people treating others good and not treating bad or insulting others, then stop hurting others and prevent the people who often hurt others, so that you can see everywhere happiness instead of people being hurt and hurting.

Written by B.Akhil Kumar

Read more writings of this author: B.Akhil Kumar

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