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How to use 'Squabble' word in sentence? - Meaning and Examples

September 2, 2016

Most of us say "they are fighting" if children or other persons quarrel over trivial matters. Actually fight verb is not used for that sentence. Fight word is used when two or more people fight with each other by involving physically and also when they fight with weapons. Especially it is used for violence activity.

You may ask which word we should use to express it. The correct word is 'Squabble'.


Word: Squabble

Part of speech: Verb and Noun

Meaning: Quarrelling loudly for unimportant things.


Let's see the usage of this word in below examples.


Examples of VERB:

Example I:

Children are squabbling for TV remote to watch their favorite show.


It means 'Children are quarrelling loudly for TV remote'.


Example II:

Sukhi is squabbling with her daughter-in-law for not making curry tasty.


This sentence means 'Sukhi is quarrelling with her daughter-in-law for not making curry tasty'.


Example III:

Piyush squabbled with Nehal for using his mobile phone.


It means 'Piyush quarrelled with Nehal for a trivial matter.


Examples of NOUN:

Example IV:

Reema: Rita, why do you pay attention to children squabbles?


Reema asks Rita why she pays attention to children quarrels.

Article by Padmasri

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