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How to use 'Sell Off' phrasal verb? - Meaning and Examples

August 31, 2016

Meaning of “SELL OFF”: Sell cheaply.

Usage and examples of ‘Sell off’:

Example I:

A person needs money, he sells his assets or belongings very cheaply.

If you want to express the above sentence to others you have to say “He sold his assets very cheaply due to financial problem.” It is commonly said. If you want to make this sentence rich, you can say it using “sell off” phrasal verb as given below.

He sold off his assets due to financial problem.

Example II:

Banti: Why didn’t Dheeraj bring his car?

Ashok: Don’t you know? Dheeraj sold off his car because he had planned to buy Benz car.

Explanation: Here Ashok said Dheeraj sold his car very cheaply because he had planned to buy Benz car.

Example III:

Mustafa: Hey Kishore, I have 2 iPhones. Do you have any plan to buy iPhone? If you want I will sell off it.

Kishore: No dude. My dad has bought it recently for me.

Explanation: Here Mustafa has 2 iPhones. He doesn’t need the extra iPhone so he wants to sell it cheaply to his friend.

Article by Padmasri

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