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How to use 'Pick out' phrasal verb? - Meaning and Examples

September 2, 2016

Today I am giving the examples of the most commonly used phrasal verb ‘Pick out’. This phrasal verb makes the sentence beautiful to listen.


Meaning of ‘PICK OUT’: Select, Choose


Usage and Examples of ‘Pick out’:

Example I:

Nazia: Hey Viranchi, which dress have you picked out for party?

Viranchi: This cream colour dress Nazia.


Nazia asked Viranchi which dress Viranchi selected or chose for party.


Example II:

Veerendr: Sita, I have brought bangles for you and your sister. Pick out from these which you like.

Sita: Wow, I like purple colour bangles.


Veerendr asked Sita to choose the bangles from those.


Example III:

Aunt: Mouni, come here. Pick out good designed sarees for your sister-in-law and you.

Daughter-in-law: Sure aunt.


Aunt ordered her daughter-in-law to select good designed sarees for her sister-in-law and her.

Article by Padmasri

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