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How to use 'Meticulous'? - Meaning and Examples

August 30, 2016

Today you are going to learn a new word and its usage. That word is “METICULOUS". This word is very useful and it helps in fluency also. Because, it is single word but it replaces two regular English words when we speak.

Let's know about it first. We use "Meticulous" word to explain about something. It is one of the describing words which we mostly use. Now we are going to learn it with examples.


° The meaning of Meticulous is 'extremely systematic, very careful and precise’. Whatever is detailed and arranged more neat, systematic is the meaning of Meticulous.

Usage of meticulous in examples:

1. Pragathi: Hey Preethi! Your room is meticulous.  

Explanation: Pragarhi says that Preethi's room is arranged very systematically and carefully.

2. Vijay: Yesterday, the presentation of Ramu was meticulous in the meeting.

Explanation: Yesterday, Ramu presented presentation in the meeting was very detailed and he took care of his presentation.

3. Venu: Prakash work will be meticulous.

Explanation: Venu intension is whatever work Pakash does, it will be very systematic and careful.

Part of speech of Meticulous: Adjective

Article by Padmasri

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