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How to use 'Furious' word? - Explanation and Meaning

September 4, 2016

English learners and some people speak routine words. Some of us always repeat same words when they talk or write. What do you say if anyone is angry? ‘He is angry’. If someone is extremely angry, which word do you use? Angry? Using it is correct but there is another word which gives ‘Extremely Angry’ meaning. It’s ‘FURIOUS’ word.

Word: Furious

Part of speech: Adjective

Meaning: Very angry


Usage & Examples of Furious:

Example I:

Officer is furious on staff for not finishing the work.


Officer is very angry with staff for not finishing the work.


Example II:

Workers are furious on company for not picking up their salary.


Workers are extremely angry at company for not increasing salary.


Example III:

Teacher is furious on students for not doing homework.


Teacher is very angry at students for not doing homework.

Article by Padmasri

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