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How to use 'Answer For' phrasal verb? - Meaning and Examples

August 30, 2016

Today we are going to know very useful phrasal verb which is used for responsibility. That is answer for. We can understand this verb with examples very easily.


Answer for = be responsible for something.


1. Priya: Preeti did you complete your work?

    Preeti: No, I will complete in 3 days.

    Priya: Why don't you take seriously? You answer for your work.

Explanation: Here Priya says that Preeti is responsible for her work.

2. Boss: Who will answer for your mistakes?

Explanation: Boss asks his employ that who is responsible for his mistakes.

3. Suneel: I will answer for returning your car in three days.

Explanation: Suneel says that he is responsible for returning his car in three days.

Article by Padmasri

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