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How to use 'Adore' verb? - Meaning and Explanation

September 3, 2016

Every person has beloved persons. Which VERB do you use to express your feeling about your beloved persons? Many of us and especially English learners use “LOVE” verb to express it. For example “I love my parents”. This sentence is correct but there is another verb which makes your sentence perfect. It’s “ADORE”.

Word: Adore

Meaning: 1. Deeply loving and respecting someone, 2. Worship someone, 3. Liking very much (something)

Part of Speech: Verb


Usage & Examples of Adore:

Example I:

Ritik: I adore my parents.

Explanation: Here, this sentence tells that Ritik deeply respects and loves his parents.


Example II:

Sagarika: I adore the God, so that I can write my annual exams well.

Explanation: Sagarika says that she worships the God, so that she can write her annual exams well.


Example III:

Pinky: I adore eating sweets so much.

Explanation: Pinky says that she loves and likes eating sweets very much.

Article by Padmasri

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