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History of passport and about passport

February 8, 2016

History of passport and about passportWhat is the passport?

Passport is a permission document to go from one country to another country or come to one country from another country. This passport will be issued by the government.

What is the VISA?

Which document is issued to live in other countries is called VISA.

History of passport

In the oldest days, to go to other countries, before invention of manuscripts, people used to the rings which granted by their government.

After in course of time according to necessity of going to other countries, the travelling papers being granted by their country’s government to people to go to other countries on various purposes. Actually, till First World War, this passport necessity could not be needed to international travel. After First World War, in 1914, England issued the passport with photo with 2 years validity. After many changes, now the passport has become as which we see today.

Written by Padmasri

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