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Have you ever questioned how much you are safe on online?

It’s the matter about protection of your PC, mobile et cetera how safe you are keeping them. We know the importance of computers, mobiles et cetera in our life; moreover, despite having lot of features, mobile phones are being used by everyone in these days. We know very well that everybody almost has a smart phone. Technology has developed a lot, so that everybody can use them. Not only development of technology, but also problem of hacking and virus have hugely picked up, hence, we have to take some actions to give up them using the anti-virus software. However, you have to see that our computers are not hacked. It’s not a duty to say “it should be done”, it must be done. We must take some cautions to protect and to keep our computer, mobiles et cetera safe from hackers.

1. Downloading is the hackers chosen one of the ways to hack others’ devices. They know that everybody can be attracted where is “FREE”. To attract you, hackers add on online attractive and latest videos, movies, songs et cetera. If you download which consists of virus, malwares et cetera, your device will be hacked or anything can be occurred.

What is the solution for it? If it is your question, answer lies in your hands.
Never attract for FREE on online which are available on online for free they might harm your device. And do not download songs or movies from unauthenticated sites, download or buy them from original sites and stores of them.

2. Another thing is that net users browse sites whatever they like. Here remarkable thing is that net users should not open whatever they like (of course it’s not possible to do as I say). Some browsers prevent by displaying a caution when users try to open a website if that site consists of anything harmful which harms to your device. And they also give information by displaying warning message whether the site is good or not which you are visiting. Google, the search engine, alerts us on search results which websites do harm to our systems results when we search for something.

We have heard and seen many PCs being attacked by hackers. To say frankly, one of the reasons for it is downloading the contents from unauthenticated websites. So I suggest you not to download anything from unofficial and unauthenticated websites, do from official sites.

What should be done to keep one’s PC or mobiles et cetera safely from malware or virus?

I already said above, answer for that lies in your hands. If you have installed anti-virus program on your computer problem never comes to your device. If not, Install now good anti-virus program on your device to keep it protect and safe. And never forget to do full scan of your device daily. Keep this chief thing in your mind and don’t forget it:

My suggestions when you buy on online:

Important point is whenever you buy something on online, don't forget to take a look the site's link whether it is secured website or not. We must buy the products, clothes et cetera which site consists of Secure Lock only. I prefer to them only that is I’m suggesting you. If the site doesn't have secure lock there might chance to say that they are fake or not trusty. So keep it in your mind. If a site has not a secured link, but you still want to purchase anything on it then that is your own risk. My advice for it is, enquire about it twice and confirm it is trusty later purchase on it.

How to identify whether the site which is opened by you is secured site or not?

If the site consists of lock symbol to the left side of the starting link in the address bar of the browser, it is safe and you can trust it. If it doesn't have that lock, it may not. This is the simplest way to identify it.

Written by B.Akhil Kumar

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