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Four Steps to Prepare Tasty Tea (Step by Step described)

February 8, 2016

Four Steps to Prepare Tasty Tea (Step by Step described)Making tasty Tea is not so complicated. If you are looking for the sake of to make good tea in your home, so this article helps you in making good and tasty Tea.

Step 1: Preparation for three cups Tea

You have to pour in vessel three cups water. Then pour one cup pure milk into the vessel.

Step 2: Adding tea powder and sugar

For tasty tea you have to add half TBSP tea powder and one more half in half TBSP tea powder. Add two TBSP sugar. If you like sweet, then you can add 3 TBSP sugar also.

Step 3: Putting on stove

After adding and pouring these all into vessel, put the vessel on stove and turn stove on. Flame of the stove should not be so high. Flame should be lower (totally not low) than the normal low flame.

Ensure that the lid shouldn’t be placed on the vessel while making the tea.

Final Step 4: Duration of boiling

Tea must be boiled in vessel till 15 minutes.

 After completing 15 minutes time, tea will be ready to serve in cups.

This is the simple four steps to make tasty Tea in your home.

Written by B.Akhil Kumar

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