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Five ways for How to Become A Successor and Not to Become A Loser - English Article

According to me in5 Ways for becoming a Successor and for not becoming a loser this world there is no loser by birth. But, later their way of thinking and doing might be like a loser. There nothing is impossible for human beings, hence, doing think “impossible” is shouldn’t be done.

In this article including my suggestion I would like to tell five illustration which often done by who feels like and is called a loser.

Copying Others:

Some people often copy others either they do good or bad. Doing like this is answer for “How some people become losers” question.

Getting inspiration from other persons is good thing but copying others may not be good every time. Inspired by others, you will learn something new how to do, so that you can do yours well. If you copy others, you will not learn anything except blindly following them. By blindly following others, you may not get good consequence ultimately. So copying others is shouldn’t be done.

My suggestion in this point is, learn good things from others, so that you can apply them to what you want to do. But don’t copy others, according to me copying others equals to bad consequence.

Foolishly thinking:

A person who thinks foolishly is also called loser. If your question is how they think, answer is here. They think everything foolishly including if they have a problem with solution, they find another problem in that solution of that problem also. They are always afraid of their activity by thinking like this “if I will do like this, what will happen? If I do like that, what may happen?”

My suggestion: Don’t be afraid of anything. If you are afraid of something, you will not succeed in your life. Think always positively. Positive thinking gives you good consequence in your life. And if you think positively, everything will be positive in your life. If you think negatively, everything may become negative in your life. So be positive.

If you have a problem, analyse it and get a good solution for it. But by foolishly thinking, do not find another problem in the solution of that problem. You can analyse your solution whether it gives you perfect solution or not. If you feel this solution is not suits to solve your problem, find for another solution but don’t find a problem in every solution. If you always find like that, you might call as a loser. So never do it.

Talking badly:

Talking badly about others is work of losers. So if you don’t want to become a loser, do not talk badly about others. If you always say to other persons badly about other persons, at last you may become bad in those people mind who you have told badly about others. So telling badly about others is not a habit of successor.

My suggestion: Talking badly about others always gives bad consequence to badly talkers. If you have this habit, better to put a stop to it. I already said this is not a habit of successor if you want to be a successor, don’t do it.


Some people often find double or other meaning to others talks. This may also mention as work of a loser. Finding double meaning for something which is said to you by others is shouldn’t be done. If you find another meaning in others’ talks, ask them directly whether they have said you like that or not. But don’t fix to double meaning by not asking to them.

My suggestion: Don’t find double meanings in others’ talks. If you feel like that, ask them directly and confirm it. This is better to be straight. And everyone should be straight and clear.

Doing Wrong:

Everybody in this world is human being. Everybody is same to another, nobody has special powers. Some people, not being successor, do wrong or attack doing bad to others who have archived success. This is really worthy mentoring work of a loser. Due to his or her defect, the person, who has done badness to others, couldn’t achieve the success. If his or her fault had not been, he or she would have achieved the success. But the loser doesn’t think like this, they allege because of others they haven’t succeeded.

My suggestion: Thinking like above shouldn’t be done. Agree your mistakes yourself but don’t throw your mistakes upon others. And put a stop doing wrong to others because it is very bad habit. You are only entirely responsible for your all works. So try to analyse your defects, so that you don’t repeat them in future.

I have mentioned about few behaviors of loser, but not all. Not only these, but many too there are behaviors of a losers.

By giving few suggestions, I have written this article as much as possible to motivate people who are thinking for not to become a loser.

Written by B.Akhil Kumar


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