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Every time Thinking Negatively Might Give Bad Results

June 30, 2016

Negative Thinking

Our Earth is very spacious. We know it. How the Earth is so spacious having seven continents, human beings count is also very large world widely. All human beings are the same but difference is in their thinking style. This style may be positive or negative, because each person’s nature is different from other persons.

What will happen if a person thinks Negatively?

Sometimes people may think that thinking negatively is also correct way to estimate about something or someone. Of course it may be. But always thinking negatively about something or someone is not correct, because everything consists of a limit. Every time whenever something crosses its limit, its consequences may be formidably. So being in a limit is good.

How will the results be if we think negatively?

You may…

  • Lose Self-confidence
  • Lose Mental Stability
  • Be Disturbed
  • Get Anger
  • Behave Rudely
  • Become Impatient
  • Become jealous of something or someone.

…et cetera.


Self-confidence… It is said that without it we cannot achieve anything successfully. Yes, it’s true too, because it gives us confidence and strength to do something. And self-confidence picks up the perseverance level in us. Due to thinking negatively, you are losing such self-confidence which serves as key role within us.

Lose Mental Stability:

Our mind will stable when we are positively. But our mind might lose stability when we will be negative. Due to thinking negatively, mental stability may be deficient in us.

Be Disturbed:

When we start thinking negatively about something, we might not give up quickly them, because we engross in them. Due to engrossing in thoughts which initially start negatively, we will be disturbed then or after few minutes.

Get Anger & Behave Rudely:

By thinking negatively, we will get angry may be little bit sounds strange to you when you read it. But it’s true. A question might raise within you how it is possible.

Whenever you are thinking negatively about something which makes you ail, jealousy et cetera, due to getting stress, you might get angry. If you are in angry, your behavior might also be rudely itself. So now you may know how negative thinking effects on us. As per my opinion thinking negatively is equal to bad thoughts. Bad thoughts and thinking negatively always give bad results. So thinking negatively is equal to spoiling ourselves. So don’t think negatively.

Become Impatient:

Thinking negatively about something causes to be impatient sometimes. You may ask why and how. Generally, when we think about something, we will engross in it for some time. If it is about which makes you weaker and lower, you may become impatient then. That’s why thinking about things which are unnecessary is wasting your time. And it is bad habit also.

Become Jealous of something or someone:

Where is a negative thought, there might arise jealous et cetera. Once we have started thinking negatively about something, we might not easily give them up, because our mind setup habituated to think like that. Finally, after thinking negatively about something, we start being jealous of that. That’s why every time negative thinking is not good to us.


I wrote this article as per my experience. I wrote here what I and what I knew only. At end of this article I would like to tell you one sentence, “Don’t think negatively every time, because that may harm you one day. The decisions which you take when you are thinking negative might not give you good result. It may be about decision, someone or something whatever matter it may be. But think first positively about them and implement how you like”.

Written by B.Akhil Kumar

Read more writings of this author: B.Akhil Kumar

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