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Eat, eat and Eat!! - English Story

     What will happen if we do or take more over than we need? This point made me write this short story. Entire story goes around three friends who have different eating natures. Remarkable thing in this story is what they have done and what has happened later. People, by reading this story, can observe a remarkable moral from it.

     Long ago there were best friends Suraj, Selvam and Sagar in a Kesari named small village. To describe their nature of eating, it was totally different to compare one of anothers. In a nut shell to describe Suraj was glutton, Selvam was epicure and the last person Sagar was abstemious. Having had a separate eating nature to each one of them, they have become well-known persons in Kesari village. There were no other friends like these three friends in Kesari – This was also one of the reasons to keep remember villagers these three friends.

     Villagers said that who married these fellows, they would suffer a lot.

     One day, Giridhar, relative of these friends turned up Kesari from another village to invite his relatives for his sister’s wedding. While inviting his relatives, he reached Suraj, Selvam and Sagar house. Their family was un-divided family. When he came to them, at that time Suraj was eating a kind of spicy food, Selvam was discussing about a new verity dish and Sagar was listening to them.

     On seeing Giridhar, they greeted him.

     Giridhar invited all of them and their family to his sister wedding. Suraj, Selvam and Sagar were not only friends but cousins also to him.

     On saying about his sister’s marriage, Selvem started enquiry about dishes and how many verities were going to be cooked. Suraj was interestedly watching them, because the discussion was about food. “I feel like eating …….. Will it be prepared Giri?” Suraj asked to Giridhar.

     Giridhar was at sixes and sevens of continues and sudden questions of them. He could not give answers quickly to both of them. He became silent for a minute.

     In their home, a villager was there right that time. He came to meet Sagar’s father. “Don’t afraid of their words my boy. You do not know about them, that is why you may be little bit shocked of their words. Suraj and Selvam both are food lovers, you know! Suraj is glutton, he always eats. And Selvam is epicure. To say, in these three friends, Sagar only does not eat more or less. He is such an abstemious Giri!” While laughing, that man said to Girithar.

     Giving a smile, Giridhar said “Of course Suraj! Why don’t we.”

     Finally the date of the marriage came. Parents of them had gone before these three friends went to the marriage. On the day of marriage Suraj, Selvam and Sagar came.

     As a habit of eating Suraj, when he came to marriage, he started eating either it was good for his health or not. And the foodie, Selvem started having several of verity dishes. Sagar took same quantity of food how he took usually.

     Suraj and Selvam had food without limit, hence, problems started to them. They were loose motions to Selvam and vomiting to Suraj. After few minutes, their condition went from bad to worse. Immediately they were taken to nearest doctor. Doctor declared that they had got food poison.

My message & Moral of this story:

     If anything is become over, it will be dangerous. Sagar is a person who doesn’t eat more or less, therefore, he is perfectly healthy now. Selvam and Suraj took more over than they should take, hence, they suffered from diseases. Doing and taking as much as we need is good for us.

Written by B.Akhil Kumar


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