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Color changing Ayers Rock - Have you heard about it?

May 1, 2015

Have you heard about a color changing rock? If you not heard, then know about it by reading this article. We should know about this rock because it has a specialty.  This rock is in south Australia.

We have seen many things and creatures which can change their colors. In things there are many. For example lights and etcetera related. One light can light in many colors. If we take in creatures, in them there is chameleon. We know very well about it. Chameleon changes its body color. Like these there is a rock. It also change its color. That is "Color changing Ayers Rock". Till 1873, nobody discovered it. In 1873, a tourist discovered this rock, his name was Gosey. That time Henry Ayer was the prime minister of south Australia. So Ayer's name was named to this rock. That's this rock name is "Ayers Rock".

Let's go to know details of the rock. This rock is filled with conglomerate stones. It is in egg shape. This rock length is 7 kilometers, width is 2.4 kilometers and height is 348 meters.

This rock changes its color in everyday and season. Normally it will be red in color. But it will be in other colors in morning and afternoon. It will be blue in color in morning and yellow in color in afternoon.

It will be orange in color before sunset.

This is about Ayers Rock. If you knew about anything about this rock so write it as comment.

Article by: P.B


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