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About Diamond

January 23, 2016

Briefly About DiamondWhen we think or talk about diamond, immediately its brightness appears in our mind. Because there is no gem has the brightness like diamond has. The diamond is only the brightest gemstone in all gemstones. That is why it is used in weddings also. Because the brightness is symbol of happy. People desire that the married couple should live happily forever.

And there is a proverb in Telugu “Vajranni Vajramthone Koyali” (Diamond should be cut with the diamond only). Because, there is no tool to cut the diamond, it is fact also. Diamond is very strongest and hardest gemstone. What is the reason for its hardness?

Hardness of Diamonds: What is the reason for diamonds’ hardness?

I am going to make you understand very clearly about it.

If we want to build small wall, we need bricks and cement. If we construct the wall by giving the spaces between the brick to brick and arranging them however we like, that wall won’t be strong and it may crack and destroy. If we construct the wall by arranging the bricks in an order and systematically, it will be very strong. Here you have to keep in mind that in this walls only bricks are used but the arrangement of bricks is different. The strength of the wall depends on the arrangement of bricks.

Like this the atoms which are in charcoal and diamonds are same.

Charcoal and Diamonds:

But diamond is only strongest gem. And we know very well about the charcoal. Having the same atoms, why is the diamond very harder than the charcoal and what is the reason for it? The reason is the arrangement of atoms. The diamond and charcoal have carbon atoms but the carbon atoms arrangement is different in diamond and charcoal.

Why is the arrangement of atoms in diamond different?

Diamond forms due to pressures which happen in layers of earth. This is the reason for hardness of diamond. It is a crystal.

How to know diamonds’ hardness?

There will raise one question that how to know diamonds’ hardness? To know the diamond’s hardness, Mohs scale is used.

Mohs Scale:

This Mohs scale has 10 numbers. It shows from softest to hardest it means hardest increases till 10. 10 is the hardest grade. The diamond hardness is 10.

Two Main Uses of Diamond:

Diamond is used in jewelleries, industries et cetera.

This is very brief information to know about the diamond.

Written by Padmasri

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