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Almond Oil - A natural remedy for dark circles

July 4, 2013

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tnq for good tips :)

easy tip for girls

almond oil means almond hair oil or pure oil. plz clarify my doubt. i had found almond hair oil only. is almond hair oil suitable for massage?

@ jayaprakash., Ofcourse you can use the almond hair oil too. ( like Bajaj Almond Drops ). Even you can massage with normal coconut oil which we use for hair. But compared to that Almond nourishes skin better and give faster results.

Useful tip for girls... vasudha.!

hi...naku upper lip chala dark ga undi .. upperlip darkness povalantey emi cheyyali..

@Maggie.. hi.. try this .. mix besan flour with curd and rub ( an intense massage) the area around the lips with this paste..

Need name of the almond oil to apply for dark circles

my undereye skin is getting really dark is it really good...... asking you because is it have any deffect..


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