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5 Ways for Not being Provoked if Anybody Provoke You - English Article

February 25, 2016

5 Ways for NOT being ProvokedAll around the world we see different kind of people being and we also know very well that if there is good, besides it always bad exists.

We can categorize the people according to their characters. Let’s separate the people from all who provoke unnecessarily others.

Leave aside the bad people, people who always good, they think not to be provoked when others try to provoke and to divert their mind from a particular thing or anything else, so that they don’t lose their control on themselves.

Due to impatient, some people quickly respond to the provoking talks of others. Main intention of others is provoking you at any condition. You, by getting provoked and answering to them, are making their job very easier.

Who note this simplest point, they think for not losing their concentration and the control on themselves if anyone provoke them.

This article is for those persons who have noted this point and are looking for ways (tips) and for not to be provoked for provoking talks.

On this article I’m going to tell about those character persons and five tips for not to be provoked when they provoke you.

  • Being cool
  • Being strong
  • Thinking logically and practically
  • Intelligently answering or countering
  • Avoiding

These above five are for not to be provoked by others. Let’s go to know each of the point clearly, so that you can get the control on yourself.

Being COOL:

Before telling it, I would like to tell an example, so that I can make you make out better regarding it.

While going on road, you see dogs being and barking looking at you. Suppose there is a dog exactly near to you, while you are walking in a street. Based on its nature, that street dog barks looking at you. If you pay attention to it, it barks more, moreover, it may try to attack you.

Suppose you do not pay attention to it and you are cool, that street dog thinks that you are not going to care and harm it, and then it stops barking and goes silently from there.

But, if you run away by paying attention to the dog, you will be run after by that dog when you are afraid of it. Once if it catches you, it won’t leave without biting you. Hence, by observing it, we can know a remarkable thing whoever pay attention to something which gives bad consequence, they will have to face difficulties. So don’t pay attention to this kind of people and get on with your life. These fellows, who provoke others intentionally and unnecessarily, are equal to street dogs which often bite others stupidly.

How you will be cool while barking the street dog, be cool as well if anybody intentionally tries to provoke you.

Being Strong:

You must be strong within whatever others say. If you are strong in any situation and at any time, you can face anything whether it is major or minor difficult situation. Others try to destroy you from inside, so that you will not reach the higher position or any else. To destroy you within, they provoke you in many ways by talks. They will destroy you from inside definitely if you pay attention to their talks. You will be steadfast if you don’t pay attention. And there is no point in paying attention to others talks. So always be bold.

Thinking Logically and Practically:

Suppose a person unnecessarily provokes you with his or her talks, it means he or she is intentionally doing that. You must think why unnecessarily he or she has provoked you and what will happen if you respond to his or her talks. If you think logically, you may get the answer.

You should guess “if I respond in one way how the opposite person responds and if I respond in another way how the opposite person gives answer.” After practically guessing about it, you may know what will happen.

If you analyse, you will know that that person is intentionally might have provoked you, so that he can get something by provoking you.

Intelligently answering or countering:

If somebody is often provoking you, there is no point in you being silent. Intelligently counter them. Counter and answer them, so that they won’t get another chance to provoke you later.


I have already slightly mentioned about it in “being COOL” point. There are good and bad people in humans on earth how the good and bad are.

We should not care the bad people like how we do not care the trash. Who can’t see others goodness and growing in position, they are not worth noticing people. So avoid who often provoke you. Avoiding people who are not worth noticing is better option for not to be provoked to their provocation talks.

Written by B.Akhil Kumar

Read more writings of this author: B.Akhil Kumar

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